Bow Down To The Rock


Psalm 18


David writes this Psalm in praise of God who delivered him out of the hands of his enemies and King Saul. He recounts all that God did to show His power in delivering him.

It is important to note that four times, David calls God his “rock.” This not an ordinary rock. It is not a boulder. It is a jagged cliff. It is a rock that overhangs and forms caves. David must have been familiar with these types of rocks.

As he was running from Saul, there is no doubt that David hid in caves and in the clefs of the rocks. While David literally did this, He understands that His true hiding place is in God.

David’s meditation upon the works of God leads him to this declaration, “Blessed be my Rock.” Notice the personal aspect of this statement. God is David’s Rock. Never forget that God is a personal God. Secondly, God is David’s hiding place of protection. Never forget that God hides and protects His people.

But, what does David mean by “blessed.” It is a term that means to bow down. David is proclaiming that he will bow down to his hiding place. In other words, David is worshipping God who hid him and protected him.


  1. Is your life hidden in God?
  2. Do you trust God to protect you from your enemies?
  3. Is your life a life of worship?

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