Why Walk?

The walk is a metaphor used throughout the Scriptures for how you live life. This post is the second of two posts in which I focus on why I chose “The Authentic Walk” as the title for this blog. The first post focuses on the word “authentic”. This post focuses on the “walk.”

The idea of walking implies that progress is being made. But, a walk is not always easy. Many times it is a struggle to walk. So, no matter how hard the struggle, are you making progress? There are many different characteristics of a walk that apply to the Christian life. The following is brief summary. These will be unpacked in future posts.

A Walk Has A Destination

The destination of a walk is always the goal of the walk. What is the destination of the Christian life? It is known in a variety of ways. I prefer to use either Christ-likeness or holiness. They are interchangeable because Christ-likeness is holiness.
It is important to know the destination. Without a destination, there is no sense of accomplishment. There is no reason to walk without a destination.

A Walk Has A Direction

Of course, the destination should determine the direction in which you walk. Yet, it is also possible to get mixed up and heading in the wrong direction. When you are heading in the wrong direction, you are sure to miss your destination.
For the Christian, we know that the destination is Christ-likeness or holiness. But, how do we know the direction to get there? The foundation of the Christian walk is the Bible. The Bible is our book of directions to lead us to the destination.

A Walk Requires Determination

When I speak of determination, I am referring to our motivation. True motivation comes from knowing your “Why?” Even a short walk requires determination. But, why is it so hard to stay determined to walk?
There are both internal and external factors that help motivate us in our walk. This is especially true of the Christian walk. These motivating factors will be discussed in upcoming posts.

A Walk Requires Discipline

Speaking from personal experience, I can only assume that gyms stay in business because people like me buy the membership but never use the gym. Why does this happen? It is a matter of discipline.
There is no doubt that I had good intentions when I bought the membership. But, where there is a lack of discipline, there will be little progress.

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