Your Path of Life

We could argue that every person’s path of life is different. I agree with a limited understanding. What do I mean by a limited understanding? Some will walk the path of singleness while others walk the path of marriage. Some will walk the path of childlessness, others will walk the path of parenting. Some will … Read more

Genuine Faith & The Test of Love

Frances and I were privileged to talk with Pastor Daryl Grimes on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. We discussed the birth and death of our second child, David Nathaniel and my book “Genuine Faith and The Test of Love.” Resources Website: Flagship Free Will Baptist Church FaceBook: Flagship Free Will Baptist Church Book: Genuine Faith and … Read more

Bow Down To The Rock

Read Psalm 18 Reflect David writes this Psalm in praise of God who delivered him out of the hands of his enemies and King Saul. He recounts all that God did to show His power in delivering him. It is important to note that four times, David calls God his “rock.” This not an ordinary … Read more